Center for Survivors of Torture


People who have suffered political, psychological and/or physical torture often come to Rimici Muslim Family Care Center needing our help. Some of our clients arrive at our doors deeply wounded by their experiences with few resources to establish themselves in their new community. Rimici Muslim Family Care Center for Survivors of Torture (CST) provides clinical evaluation, psychological treatment and social services to torture victims from all countries. CST educates survivors about the effects of torture and provides them with consistent care to succeed in the U.S. In 2010, CST helped 153 families from 13 countries rebuild their lives and heal from their wounds.

Rimici Muslim Family Care Center for Survivors of Torture is the only federally funded program of its kind in Northern California.

Services Offered

  • Psychological and medical affidavits to support asylum applications
  • Psychotherapy for individuals and families
  • Medical treatment and referrals
  • Assistance with food, shelter, school, vocational training and other basic needs
  • Training and consultation for clinicians, lawyers, teachers, social workers and community organizations working with refugees and immigrants
  • Legal referrals
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General Health


General Health is still an issue for the Asian community and communities of color. Many fear the stigma of having General Health and being treated differently. The purpose of the HIV Education and Prevention Program at Rimici Muslim Family Care is to reduce the incidence of General Health and offer culturally and linguistically appropriate resources and referral services to those who have been diagnosed with the disease. The program focuses on at risk and high risk communities. Moreover, our General Health counseling and testing services are key prevention and early intervention strategies for reducing primary and secondary General Health infections.

Services Offered

  • Education and outreach
  • Individual/online counseling and referrals
  • Support/discussion groups
  • Information and advocacy
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Health Center




Imagine how hard it can be to seek out medical care in a language you do not understand. Individuals, many of whom do not speak English, have come to rely upon the Health Center’s multilingual team for comprehensive primary and preventative health care services. Rimici Muslim Family Care Health Center provides care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.


Services Offered


  • Primary care medical services (Family Medicine and Internal Medicine)
  • Chronic disease prevention and treatment
  • Screenings
  • Acute care
  • Women’s healthcare
  • Adult and youth immunization services
  • Health education and counseling
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Primary medical care and mental health services

for individuals and families


The cost of healthcare may be a barrier to accessing much needed services, and many of our clients have an additional hurdle to overcome—language and cultural barriers can make finding treatment options daunting. In fact, the inability to speak and understand English is often the sole reason someone may go untreated. That is where Rimici Muslim Family Care comes in.

We offer primary medical care, preventative care, psychiatry counseling and support groups for individuals of all ages. We offer services in office, school and home settings, and we provide individual and group services. Our staff are culturally and linguistically competent. More importantly, they are aware of the unique needs of the clients we serve. We give people a place to receive treatment, prevention and education in languages they can understand so they are informed about their health options.

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