Admin Features

Stats Dashboard

The site admins are given comprehensive and useful invitation statistics via a great looking dashboard in the admin area.

Detailed Configuration Of Default Invitations and Types

Admins have full control on how default Invitations as well Invitation types should be used.

Configurable Templates For HTML As Well As Text

Regular Invitations, Invitation types, reminders - basically all emails and content that Invitex will send is completely customisable and configurable by using templates.

Google Analytics Integration

can be configured to add google analytics tracking code to all links, so you can stay updated and keep a track of how much traffic its bringing you.

Reward Your Users With Points

user points allowing you to allocate points to both the Inviter and Invitee when they send invites and sign up respectively. Applies to registration invites.

Monetary Rewards Features

Multilingual Invitation Support

supports use of language constants in invitations thus making it possible to send multilingual invitations depending on the active site/user language

Manual and Automated Invitation Reminders

the Admin can manually send invitation reminders to already invitex people or setup Invitex to send ‘X’ follow up invitations automatically.

Intelligent Automated Invitations

can send automated invitations to people that are likely to have their friends on your site.

People Who Have Invited You

show people who have invited you to date to sign up on this site. This will show all past inviters with their avatar photo. This also compels users to sign up.

Invite Unsubscribe

Let users unsubscribe from receiving invitations from your site. Choice is power. Give it to the users

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